Kit Out Studio was founded by Michelle McDonell; Industrial designer and maker. I undertake a wide variety of design projects predominantly graphic design, product design and small-scale manufacturing. 

I'm currently living in Guatemala and researching traditional manufacturing such as textile weaving, ceramics and small scale product manufacturing. I'm also documenting a number of social and sustainable projects in Guatemala as there is a large scope for sustainable design work in relation to NGO and developing needs communities. 

I like to mix my disciplines of Anthropology and Industrial Design, focusing towards anthropological design: a mix of cultural connection in manufacturing and product design. 

I'm interested in the materiality of objects and exploring artisan craft techniques, in hopes to incite people to think about the tactile nature of everyday objects and the given function and value of simple objects and how they are made. 

I have gathered knowledge operating educational incursions teaching 3D printing and rapid prototyping, co-managing Perucci design Co-Operative, Creative director of Kit Out studios, and exhibition designer for Compact Textiles at Federation Square. 

As such I've had the pleasure of working across product, exhibition and graphic design, management, sales, retail, project coordination, marketing, social media producer and education.